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Plastic Restorer

CAR GUYS Premium Series

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CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer is the ultimate solution for bringing Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic back to life! This is a newly developed, water-based polymer formula that contains a very special and newly PATENTED polymer additive. The best way to describe this special additive is that when added, it is like giving the product a shot of steroids! It works to extend the longevity and also enhance the products performance!

Complete detailing kit comes with everything you need!

Works on any type of interior or exterior rubber, plastic or vinyl material such as trim, fenders, bumpers, dashboards, tires, engine bay components and so much more!


(2) Two items are included in this kit:
  • (1) CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer - 8 Ounce
  • (1) CAR GUYS Professional Series Foam Applicator

Plastic Restorer Directions:

For the longest lasting results, prepare surface with a thorough cleaning using CAR GUYS Super Cleaner to get rid of all old dressings, oil and dirt.

  1. Shake bottle before use.
  2. Ensure surface is completely clean and dry.
  3. Apply a small amount onto applicator and massage onto the surface to create a very thin, even layer.
  4. After 10-15 minutes, buff down excess with a clean microfiber cloth.
  5. Leave product to air dry.


  • When washing surfaces treated with CAR GUYS Plastic Restorer, use only soap and water. It is not necessary to use harsh detergents or cleaners.



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