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Wheel Cleaner FAQ

"Is this safe to use on my expensive wheels?"

Yes, most definitely! We have tested our product countless times on all different wheel and tire surfaces, from high-end Vossen three piece forged wheels to your stock 1990 Honda civic. Just make sure to follow the tips and instructions and you will not have any problems.

"Does this work for aluminum, plasti-dipped, chrome, black, white, adamantium, carnation pink, etc. wheels?"

Yes! Again, this has gone through vigorous testing and our CarGuys Wheel Cleaner is totally safe for ANY type of wheel surface and ANY type of color. If it's not on the list, YES it still works.

"Is this safe for motorcycles?"

Yes! This product will work on any type of vehicle with wheels!

"Will this clean white wall tires?"

Yes! This product works great to clean white-wall tires!

What's the difference between your product and all the cheaper products?"

Our product has been formulated and re-formulated countless times against the top brands so we truly believe we have created the best wheel cleaner on the market!

Everything we release is environmentally friendly and totally eco-friendly to drop down into the drains as we only use high quality and safe materials. Furthermore, all of our products are 100% mixed, bottled and packaged in the USA by hard working Americans. All of these factors make our prices a bit higher, but also gives us the ability to produce higher quality products.

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