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Liquid Wax FAQ

"Will this leave white residue on my plastic and rubber trim?"

Yes, it has a chance of leaving a white residue so we recommend to avoid rubber, plastic and trim entirely. Safe to use on any other type of surface including your paint and glass. Can also apply to your rims as a sealant to help protect against brake dust, dirt and debris. (You should know this already but, do not apply to your tires!) If you happen to get some onto your tires or plastic/rubber trim while applying, simply wipe it off before it dries.

"Is this a sealant or a wax?"

This is a newly developed full synthetic polymer sealant. It has the longevity and protection of a paint sealant but differs than typical sealants because it also gives off a very deep carnauba wax shine.

"Is this safe to use on clear-bra?"

Yes most definitely! This product is totally safe to use on XPEL Ultimate PPF as well as any other type of clear bra. We have already had customers asking about compatibility for specific clear-bra types and they all had excellent results.

"Do I apply this over wax?"

No, make sure this is the base before applying any other wax or sealants to your vehicle. This should be the very first product applied after polishing or washing your vehicle.

"How long is the cure time?"

Only needs 6 hours of cure time after buffing off before you are able to add additional layers of sealant or wax. (this is very fast compared to most other sealants) DO NOT expose vehicle to moisture during this 6 hour curing time. Water and moisture during the application or curing stage will highly impact the products long-term durability and ability to work to its full potential.

"What is the most ideal working temperature?"

Ideal working temperature is around 60¬įF - 85¬įF. If working in any temperatures above, simply shorten the drying time as the product will dry faster. Our product is super easy to remove¬†regardless of the temperatures.

"How long does it last?"

Gives up to a full year of protection depending on the climate you are in or what type of washing regime you use. Water beading will last up to 6-8 months, again depending on your washing regime and climate. For a daily driver, we like to apply at least every 6 months to keep the vehicle looking its absolute best.

What's the difference between your product and all the cheaper products?"

Our product has been formulated and re-formulated countless times against the top brands so we truly believe we have created the best paint sealant on the market!

Everything we release is environmentally friendly and totally eco-friendly to drop down into the drains as we only use high quality and safe materials. Furthermore, all of our products are 100% mixed, bottled and packaged in the USA by hard working Americans. All of these factors make our prices a bit higher, but also gives us the ability to produce higher quality products.


If you want to use this product for what it was truly made for, we highly suggest taking a look at our CarGuys Hybrid Wax as a last step product! Our formulators have worked countless hours perfecting these products together. This combo of applying our Liquid Wax, then topping with our Hybrid Wax has given us unmatched results in terms of looks and durability. Developed using the same PATENTED polymer additives and using the latest advancements in nano polymer technology to create a beautifully deep carnauba wax look while having the durability to last up to a full year! We are truly excited about the release of these two amazing products!

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