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Hybrid Wax FAQ

QUESTION: Will this leave white residue on my plastic and rubber trim?
ANSWER: No white residue! This is completely safe to use on your entire vehicle including your paint, glass, rims and trim. Super easy to use; simply spray on and buff off.

QUESTION: What causes streaks that won't buff out and are difficult to remove?
ANSWER: The two main reasons are for over application or for applying to a hot surface. Even if you are working in the shade the vehicle can still be hot. If high temperatures can't be avoided, work in very small sections, one spray at a time. Can also spray the product directly onto a towel and then give a quick swipe onto the surface.

If you are still seeing streaks and wondering why they are not going away, simply buff off dry and just spray a small amount (1/4 trigger pull) and you will be able to buff out any smudges or streaks that you see. Works best if you have 1 working towel for applying and 1 drying towel for buffing.

QUESTION: What's the difference between your product and all the cheaper products?

ANSWER: Our products have been formulated and re-formulated countless times against the top brands. We truly believe we have created the best spray sealant on the market in terms of looks and durability!

Everything we release is environmentally friendly and totally eco-friendly to drop down into the drains as we only use high quality and safe materials. Furthermore, all of our products are 100% mixed, bottled and packaged in the USA by hard working Americans. All of these factors make our prices a bit higher, but also gives us the ability to produce higher quality products.


If you want to use this product for what it was truly made for, we highly suggest taking a look at our CarGuys Liquid Wax! Our formulators have worked countless hours perfecting these products together. This combo of applying our Liquid Wax, then topping with our Hybrid Wax has given us unmatched results in terms of looks and durability. Developed using the same PATENTED polymer additives and using the latest advancements in nano polymer technology to create a beautifully deep carnauba wax look while having the durability to last up to a full year! We are truly excited about the release of these two amazing products!

Note: Best to not apply any wax toppers until the Liquid Wax sealant has cured for at least 6 hours. You will find that the longer time the Liquid Wax sealant has to harden and cure, the deeper the shine will become.

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